Set Adrift Has Just Been Released Worldwide

"It was revelational for me to read about the pervasive problem of marital breakdown/separation/divorce among clergy in the Church of England - but heartbreaking to read about the lack of love and care given to a percentage of the clergy-families; of overnight loss of clergy partner, home, job and church. Vivienne Neville author of 'Set Adrift', highlights this grievous issue, and bravely calls for redress of the Church often turning a blind eye. Bob Farrell (Author of "I Will Be")

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Jackie Morris Bates

"I read your awesome book in less than 24 hours! I was so engrossed that I could not put it down."

Steve Lewis

"Her story is full of grace and courage. She has had repeated and at times catastrophic setbacks, but there is no trace of bitterness, just a determination to prevent further clergy families being cast out on marital breakdown, without adequate provision."

Barb Cossin Cheyne

"I read Set Adrift tonight. What an awesome book! Whew! May God bless all your efforts!"

Terry Bow

"Very proud, I went to school with you Viv, you're an inspiration to me and many others. Thank you."

Julie Robinson

"This book is timely. Viv's assessment of the need for a national care package for clergy spouses and their children is spot on. My own experience was met with a total lack of support and a clear refusal to listen to me. Thanks for highlighting the issues Viv. I will be sending copies to my bishop and archdeacon."

Cross Rhythms UK

"The book is about the very serious issue of clergy spouses and their children on marital breakdown in the Church of England, facing huge challenges including homelessness, poverty, abandonment, etc, with the main aim of creating an adequate National Care Policy in the Church of England for clergy spouses and their children going through this plight."


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